General Information

  1. Customers who do not vary their requirements of stamps and other philatelic items from issue to issue may find it convenient to deposit a sum of money in a Standing Order Deposit Account to be used to defray the cost of regular supplies of items ordered overleaf.
  2. On each issue of a new set of definitive/commemorative stamps or Stamp related items, Philatelic Bureau, Sri Lanka will send to the account holder the quantity of items as advised under his/her standing order instructions. The cost of items sent on each issue will be deducted from the deposit account and an advice showing the credit balance will be dispatched with each batch of items.
  3. Items ordered by the account holder will be sent to the address furnished on the Standing Order Form.
  4. All items dispatched by Registered Post within the country free of charge. Outside the country items dispatched by Registered Post or EMS Post and will be charged the appropriate postage.
  5. A minimum deposit of Rs. 500.00 is required to open a Standing Order Deposit Account locally and to open a Foreign Standing Order Deposit Account minimum deposit should Rs.5,000.00.
  6. If you wish to open a Standing Order Deposit Account, please complete the Standing Order Form.
  7. After you confirm you information the page will direct to "Payment Gateway" for Credit card information, which you can use your Visa/Master card as payment.
  8. From time to time the account holder should send a remittance to the Philatelic Bureau, Sri Lanka to ensure that a sufficient credit balance is available to meet the cost of future new issues. An account holder should note that when the credit balance is insufficient to meet the full cost of the Standing Order for the next issue of stamps, orders will not be serviced. Remittances to top up insufficient account should be sent in at least one month ahead of the next issue to ensure that they would be captured in the statement of account for the servicing of the orders. You’ll find it very convenient if your deposit remitted in advance can cover the cost of desired items plus postage for the whole year (If applicable).
  9. Account holders should try not to vary their standing instructions from issue to issue. Any ad hoc additional requirement for coming issues should be made well in advance.
  10. Without any contact in 2 years, your membership will automatically be cancelled