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Before placing your order, please read through these Terms of Use for the Sri Lanka Post Online Shop.By using this website and making a purchase, you agree to the terms of use ("Terms of Use") of the Sri Lanka Post Online Shop as set out below.

The Terms of Use include the terms and conditions set out below, the Sri Lanka Post Terms and Conditions, and the Sri Lanka Post Privacy Policy. You are bound by these Terms of Use and should review them whenever you are using this website and making a purchase.

A capitalised word or phrase that is defined in the Sri Lanka Post Terms and Conditions has the same meaning when used in these Terms of Use.

  1. Stock

    We endeavour to ensure that only accurate and up to date information is placed online. In the event that incorrect information is included in the Sri Lanka Post Online Shop, we will place a correction on the Sri Lanka Post Online Shop content area. Sri Lanka Post aims to include the complete range of products publicised through the Sri Lanka Stamp Bulletin. 

  2. Intellectual property

    The materials displayed on this website, including all editorial materials, information, photographs, illustration, artwork and other graphic materials, and names, logos and trademarks, are the property of Sri Lanka Post and are protected by copyright, trademark and other intellectual property laws. Any such content may be displayed and printed solely for your personal and non-commercial use. You agree not to reproduce, retransmit, distribute, disseminate, sell, publish, broadcast or circulate any such material to any third party without the prior written consent of Sri Lanka Post. Sri Lanka Post does not grant any licence or right in, or assign all or part of, its intellectual property rights in the content or applications incorporated into the website or in the user interface of the website.

  3. Accuracy

    Care has been taken to ensure that the products and descriptions of them on this site are accurate. We do not, however, promise or represent that it is accurate or free from errors or omissions and we reserve the right to make any necessary corrections. You should enquire with us directly to ensure the accuracy and currency of the material you seek to rely upon.

  4. Unacceptable orders

    Sri Lanka Post reserves the right to reject an order if, in its opinion (acting reasonably), the order is unacceptable.

  5. Disclaimer of warranties

    Sri Lanka Post disclaims all warranties with regard to the information and applications contained on the website and your use of the website; Sri Lanka Post, its contractors, agents, or employees disclaim liability for any damages whatsoever (including special, indirect or consequential) arising out of or in connection with the use or performance of the website whether in contract, at common law or in equity, or on any other basis, except to the extent that the damage is directly caused by fraud or wilful misconduct by Sri Lanka Post. 

  6. Security information

    At the time that you place your order and are asked to supply personal information you enter a secure environment. From that time, the link between your Web browser and the Sri Lanka Post Online Shop will be protected using a security certificate.

    You should note that credit card numbers will not be stored on the web site and will never be made publicly available. All information concerning your order is encrypted and can only be viewed by members of the Sri Lanka Post Online Shop team with authorised access to that information. As noted your credit card details are not visible to the members of the Sri Lanka Post Online Shop team. 

  7. Stock availability

    Sri Lanka Post will endeavour to supply all items publicised in the Sri Lanka Post Online Shop. Similarly, products will be removed from the Sri Lanka Post Online Shop as soon as Sri Lanka Post becomes aware that those items are unavailable. However, there may be unavoidable occasions when: 

    • All or part of your order cannot be fulfilled immediately, or 
    • All or part of your order cannot be fulfilled at all. 

    Where part of an order cannot be fulfilled immediately, the part that can be supplied will be dispatched as soon as possible.

    Where part of your order cannot be fulfilled at all you will be advised as soon as possible by email, telephone or fax. 

    All products with a limited sales period which are displayed in the Sri Lanka Post Online Shop will have the withdrawal date clearly shown.

    However, where a product which does not have a specified sales period becomes unavailable due to unexpected or high demand, and that item is ordered by you before Sri Lanka Post has withdrawn that item from the Sri Lanka Post Online Shop, Sri Lanka Post will not be held responsible for inability to complete that order.  In this instance, you will be advised ASAP by email or telephone. 

  8. Changes to availability dates

    On rare occasions, there is an unavoidable need to change either an issue or withdrawal date. When this occurs, you will be advised either by email, by mail, or via the next Sri Lanka Stamp Bulletin, depending upon which contact details you have provided for the Sri Lankan Philatelic Bureau. 

  9. Delivery standards

    Sri Lanka Post will endeavour to dispatch all orders within 14 working days of receiving the order and endeavour to deliver all orders within 14 business days from receipt of order.  Please note:  Delivery date might be varied depending on the Country and the Location. Stamp issues will NOT be dispatched prior to the actual issue date.   Personalised Stamps may take up around 14 business days from the date of online purchase to arrive at the nominated delivery address. Items may be delivered to you individually and/or separately where they are fulfilled from different locations or directly from Sri Lanka Post supplier. 

  10. Incorrect details supplied

    Please note that acceptance of your order implies that we will fulfil your order within the time specified in the Delivery Standards. The following situations are exceptions: 

    • If and when incorrect payment details, including credit card details, are supplied; 
    • Where correct credit card details are supplied but funds are not approved. 
    • Where fraudulent activity is suspected / identified
    • Where cleared funds through your nominated payment method have not been received 

    In the event that you supply incorrect payment or delivery details, Sri Lanka Post will take all reasonable steps to contact you using the personal details that you have provided. In the event that your supplied contact details are incorrect, however, Sri Lanka Post will not be held responsible for not fulfilling your order, nor for being unable to advise you that this is the case.

  11. Order cancellation and Refund policy

    Requests for orders cancellation or alteration are not accepted. Refund will not be made in any circumstances.

    All products sold by Sri Lanka Post must be: 

    • fit for all the purposes for which goods of that kind are commonly supplied
    • acceptable in appearance and finish
    • free from defects
    • safe
    • durable

    You can return an item for an exchange to us if:

    • it's faulty
    • it's different from a sample shown

    To ask for an exchange, you'll need to prove that you purchased the product via the Sri Lanka Post Online Shop. If you can't provide an order confirmation, another form of proof of purchase will be required. The customer has to pay the postage fee for re-sending the products.

    Please contact Philatelic Bureau, Sri Lanka Via slpostpb@gmail.com or +94-11-2326163 for further clarification.

  12. Minimum and maximum order value

    The minimum order value is Sri Lankan Rupees 500/-. There is no maximum value for Sri Lanka online Post Facility.

  13. Payments

    Payment can be carried out by using the Credit Card (VISA, MasterCard, China Union Pay and Japan Credit Bureau), Cheque or Bank Transfer.

    Payment of Online purchase can be carried out by using the credit cards of VISA, MasterCard, China Union Pay and Japan Credit Bureau.

    Once the order approved, it is non-reversible and irrevocable.

  14. Liabilities

    Customer is the sole responsible for using this order service.

    Sri Lanka Posts is not liable for any failure in the communications network supporting the Online Purchase service or for any damage or loss suffer as a consequence of such failure.

    Sri Lanka Posts is not liable for any damage or loss of the products happened during the mailing process.

    If the customer do not receive the products for any reason, Sri Lanka Posts will not be liable for any damage or loss during the returning process by the addressee post office.

    The customer should check the condition of the products upon receipt. If there is any damage, should have to notify Sri Lanka Posts – Philately Division in written within 2 days upon the receipt. Sri Lanka Posts will exchange such damaged products for products in good condition while the stock lasts. Sri Lanka Posts will not be responsible for any damage that is, in the opinion of Sri Lanka Posts, attributable to any acts or omissions of the customer or the person acting on his/her behalf. The customer shall have no claim whatsoever against Sri Lanka Posts for damaged products and requests for refund will not be accepted in any event.

  15. Governance

    These Terms and Conditions are governed by the laws Sri Lanka.

  16. Third party websites

    The Sri Lanka Post Website may contain links to other websites operated, controlled or produced by third parties. Unless otherwise indicated, Sri Lanka Post does not control, endorse, sponsor or approve any such third party websites or their content nor does Sri Lanka Post provide any warranty or take any responsibility whatsoever for any aspect of those websites or their content.